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2011 Summer Tour and Picnic


  1.  Alan Gibson patch
  2.  (L-R) Tim Parks, Alan Gibson, Jerry Snyder
  3.  Gibson patch (1421.5 Stelts)
  4.  Rose Patch
  5.  (L-R) Tim Parks, Jerry Rose
  6.  (L-R) Jerry Dawson, Tim Parks, Quinn Werner, Jerry Rose, Drew McCay and Son
  7.  Chuck Ellsworth patch
  8.  Chuck Ellsworth patch
  9.  Chuck Ellsworth
  10.  (L-R) Jeff Ziegler, Tim Parks
  11.  Jeff Ziegler
  12.  Stop #4, Jeff Ziegler
  13.  (L-R) Maggie Rhinehart, Glenna Rea and Daughter, Russ Landry
  14.  (L-R) Tim Parks, Chuck Ellsworth "Best Patch Award"
  15.  (L-R) Tim Parks; Tour Hosts: Chuck Ellsworth, Alan Gibson, Jerry Rose, Jeff Ziegler